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We are here to assist you in accessing EU funds for your project. Our service range is wide spanning the entire project cycle from its initial development to its implementation and evaluation

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Project development and application:

-Risk management -International Partner Consortia -Co Financing -Preparation of the application -Project management processing

EU Projects and Funding:

-Private Sector -Civil Society -Public administration -Education and Science -Interface management

Small and medium-sized enterprises:

-Start Up -Enterprise development -Investment -Research and Development -Internationalization: -Competitive Analysis -Benchmarking -Strategy development -Corporate Social Responsibility CSR

How we work?

Consulting for private and public actors...

Project development

Following the subsidy scan and having chosen the relevant funding source, drafting and development of a project application starts. A project concept is either developed by Grants or by the client, but very often together in a tandem. Project development also involves partner search since a successful application does not only depend on a good project concept but also very much on the composition of the partnership.

The Partnership

The Partnership should be sufficiently strong, experienced and complementary in its nature to ensure successful project implementation. Once a partnership has been formed, work continues with developing the actual project content: including its conceptual background, objectives, activities, outputs and long-term results. Development of a successful application requires an in depth knowledge of EU policies and regulations and access to a European network of potential partners and experts, as well as good working relationship with the relevant EU authorities.

Project management

Project management and reporting have to be carried out pursuant to strict guidance by the Programme authorities and thus require specific skills and experiences. Consultants of Grants Europe have these multi-cultural process and financial management skills and experience and the necessary knowledge to take care of communication tasks of projects in accordance with European requirements and regulations and to provide clients with solutions tailor made for their organisation.

Happy Clients

Based on clients’ needs and ambitions we scan through the most interesting and appropriate funding opportunities in European programmes leading to an overview of the most relevant funding sources and to practical advice on how to use them. The scan can be done either in a general way, matching client’s overall activities and orientation or it can be carried out with a specific objective or project in mind.