Balkan goes EU was founded in 2016 by Boris Stojiljkovic. As the son of Serbo- Croatian parents being raised in Berlin Germany, he always had the intention of devoting his career to assist the development of the Balkans. He is a native speaker in Serbo- Croatian and German. Since he studied in Groningen, the Netherlands, he is also fluent in English and Dutch, which makes working and networking in Brussels even more successful.

Mr. Stojiljkovic holds a Master degree in International Relations and a LLM in International Law, both obtained at the Rijksuniversiteit in Groningen. After his study he had the opportunity to work at the Dutch Consulate General in San Francisco, where he worked at the Economic Affairs Department.

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Mr Stojiljkovic enrolled at the EMCRA academy in Berlin and obtained a diploma for EU fundraising. He graduated best in class.

Proud member of EUFA

Mr. Stojiljkovic is a member of the EU-Fundraising Association a Europe-wide network for public funding.


Being constantly connected to his network in Berlin and Brussels, the pulse of EU politics, brings a comfortable situation for business partners on the Balkans.

How we work?

Consulting for private and public actors...